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Dr. Bob Arnot

While a medical correspondent, Dr. Bob Arnot covered groundbreaking epidemics around the world, including Ebola in Central Africa; AIDS in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Malawi; and cholera in Bangladesh, Somalia, and Turkey.

As a wellness enthusiast and world-class fitness expert, Dr. Bob Arnot is a former Olympic physician who is now an ardent skier and Iron Man competitor. His bestselling book titles include Sports Selection, Dr. Bob Arnot’s Revolutionary Weight Control Program, Seven Steps to Stop a Heart Attack, The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet, and The Prostate Cancer Protection Plan.

Dr. Bob Arnot’s latest book The Aztec Diet, Chia Power: The Superfood That Gets You Skinny And Keeps You Healthy was released February 12, 2013. In the book, Dr. Arnot provides success stories of actual Mila users that lost weight using the product and gives his readers detailed information on the three-phase Aztec Diet. Visit our Videos page to view Dr. Bob Arnot explain phase one of the diet, the Mila Smoothie.

Follow the Aztec Diet three-phase plan to lose weight quickly and effortlessly, end hunger cravings, and eliminate the exhaustion that accompanies blood sugar spikes and drops.

Phase I – Jump starts weight loss, supercharging your metabolism with three Mila smoothies per day.

Phase II – Keeps you satisfied, replacing the midday smoothie with a delicious and nutritious lunch to help avoid the all-too-familiar dieter’s plateau.

Phase III – Maintain your target weight for good with a guide to smart food choices and healthful recipes to keep your mind and body in top form.

With simple, delicious recipes and countless ways to include the superfood benefits of chia in every meal, The Aztec Diet provides all the tools necessary to keep you motivated and on track as you begin your journey to a better, healthier you.

As the Chief Wellness Educator for Lifemax, Dr. Arnot believes Lifemax Mila is the best quality chia on the market. It’s 8 different strains of chia give you the most nutritionally packed chia with the highest absorption rate that can help you lose weight and enjoy better health.

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Why do I feel so good when I take Mila?

It’s the number one question I get when I speak to my patients. There are three solid reasons, each one of them on their own enough to make you feel terrific.

1. Metabolic Rebirth

As your weight decreases, you undergo a metabolic rebirth. Everything changes about you and your outlook. By metabolically, here’s what I mean. The vast majority of Americans suffer from what I call cardio-dia-besity; that is, they have elements of coronary artery disease, pre-diabetes and obesity. That’s 67% of the country at a minimum. As you lose the weight, just in the first few days, your fasting blood sugar level will drop. Patients with Type II Diabetes may find they’re using less insulin…or none. At the end of two weeks, you’ll find your LDL (bad cholesterol) has dropped along with triglycerides. Your HDL may rise as well. With more time, in our own weight loss trials, C-reactive protein falls…a key measure of inflammation, as does A1C, a measure of long-term blood sugar control. Honestly, this happens with any healthy diet, so while Mila may get you there more quickly and effectively, this is expected with most diets. Where is Mila special? Let’s continue.

2. Brain Health

This is the least reported and researched area in the body, yet a whole new school of thought is developing at Harvard medical school on the concept of “feel good therapy”. The concept is simple. Regardless of what psychiatric symptoms you may have or mood disorders you may suffer from, there is no reason you can’t feel terrific every single day. How is that done? A huge part of this is improving the most basic component of your nervous system, the neuron. All impulses and connections in the brain are transmitted through neurons, the basic wiring of the nervous system. While huge amounts of attention have been paid to the synapse, where most antidepressants work, little attention has been paid to the neuron. Now stunning new research shows that the neuron can be improved. How? Think of the neuron as your basic copper wire. If the plastic lining around the wire is thin and frayed, it doesn’t conduct electricity well. Now imagine that same wire with a thick, new, white covering. How much better would it work? Amazing. This is what you’re doing to your neurons, making them more plastic, more fluid and increasing the ease of transmission. In the mix, the neuron will also produce more neurotransmitter, which is the chemical that conducts signals from one neuron to the next. So how does Mila help brain health? Mila is the richest plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s have been shown to improve neuron health. In depression and manic depressive disorder studies, omega-3 therapy has shown real improvement in patients observed. For just plain good brain health, omega-3s may be the most important element in your diet.

3. Inflammation

If you’re overweight, you are “a big inflamed mess,” says a close physician colleague of mine at Harvard. Worse still, depressed women who are overweight feel awful in every imaginable way. Their body is like a smoldering fire. From the tissue in their brain, to their coronary arteries, tissues are inflamed and make them feel awful every day all day. Why? One of the worst and little reported phenomenon of the modern American diet is that it pours inflammation into your body. We used to think that it was disease alone which caused inflammation. Now a whole body of work has been assembled showing that foods are an enormous source of inflammation. Inflammation is measured simply with a blood test for c-reactive protein. In our first trials for weight loss with Mila, we found that c-RP decreased after two weeks and continued to decline. How do you find which foods are inflammatory and which are not? There is a terrific database called self-nutrition data. Put in your favorite foods. You’ll be shocked, as I was, when it spits out the result. The goal is to have all your foods add up to at least a PLUS 50 points. This would make your diet mildly ANTI-inflammatory. Let’s look at some real examples. Inflammatory foods have a NEGATIVE number.

You can see that carbohydrates in a western diet are massively pro-inflammatory:

  • White flour -421
  • Tortilla -367
  • White rice -187
  • Spaghetti -141
  • White bread -89

Now let’s look at some anti-inflammatory foods.

  • Beets: PLUS 66
  • Cashews PLUS 13
  • Amaranth PLUS 13

The best anti-inflammatory food of all? Mila. Mila score PLUS 77 points. Every single scoop you take puts you over the top of your daily requirement for anti-inflammatory foods…if Mila was all you ate. There is a trick to this. As powerful as Mila is, if your diet is loaded with inflammatory foods, your total score for the day could still be MINUS 1000 or more. Ouch!!! So the key is to reduce inflammatory foods and increase Mila. This is even more important for athletes. Why? During exercise, we all produce large amounts of oxidants, which are free radicals which can damage our system. Foods are a key way of battling these oxidants. That’s why I use Mila in my feed bottle on my 100-mile bike races every weekend. It’s also why I toss some in G2 Gatorade and sip it during a workout at the gym. Pay attention to inflammation in your diet and that of your family. You can totally transform them. Not only will they think you’ve performed a miracle, but their risk of the most frequent disease will drop as well since inflammation plays such a huge part. How much? At least 50% of heart disease is due to inflammation. Encourage your friends and family not to rely on Mila alone, but to drop pro-inflammatory foods from their diet. So when people ask you why they feel so good, tell them! Mila!!! And emphasize that Mila is the ultimate gateway food to a much healthier diet.