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Lindsey Duncan is an award-winning naturopathic nutritionist who believes in using top nutrition and “Cleanse, Balance, Build” to create overall healing and wellness. His philosophy includes utilizing nutrition to create an alkaline body for optimum physical health.

With over 28 years of clinical experience, Lindsey is one of the world’s leading experts on superfoods, herbal medicine, natural remedies and natural health. As a nutritionist, some of his high-profile clients include President and Hillary Clinton, Demi Moore, Tony Dorsett and Reggie Bush.

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The Cost

The initial cost to become and Independent Business Owner (IBO)is $47.00 without autoship or $37.00 with autoship of every 28 days. For this fee, you will receive a personal replicated web site from which you can sell product to your friends and family and get your business started! As a distributor, you’ll be able to purchase your Mila at a $10 discount per bag and a 25% discount for all Genesis Pure products.

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The Opportunity

Want to sell Genesis Pure Products and build your wealth? Building Your Business Is SIMPLE: Just SHOW the Plan, SHARE the Product & CONNECT with a Leader!

What Is Show, Share, Connect?

Show The Plan
You don’t need public speaking skills. Just invite friends over, serve some snacks and beverages, then share the video below from Jared Burnett. Jared will walk your guests through the opportunity which explains how he was just like them when he started and how by following the Show, Share and Connect plan, he was able to build a tremendous business.

Share The Product
Share the Genesis Pure Products with your guests. You know which products you use and their benefits. Show those products to your guests and explain the benefits you’ve experienced. You can order catalogs and products sheets that you’d like to give your guests or you can download and show a few of the product videos that Dr. Lindsey has available to showcase the products.

Connect With A Leader
Your fellow Independent Business Owner (IBO) leaders are your most valuable resource when it comes to building your Genesis PURE™ business. Learn from their examples through flip charts and videos specifically created to guide your success. Share our philosophy of “Cleanse, Balance, Build” to help others achieve their goals.

Your sponsor, John Roth, can assist you with setting-up you business and help you get started. If you’re nervous about doing your first presentation, John will help find a leader in your area to assist you with your first few presentation opportunities so that you gain confidence in how to properly host an event.

The Training

From the first day that you sign-up, John Roth, your distributor sponsor will be available to assist you with selling tips and potential markets for customers. The beauty of becoming a Genesis Distributor is that the business structure has already been set-up for you. We’ve designed our training to give each new distributor a simple 3-step process to follow to start and grow their business. Our Resource Center will provide you with video and audio training tips that will give you with all the information you’ll need to get started building your business. All you need to have is the motivation to change your wealth.

Check out our Resource Center where you’ll find all the necessary tools to get started. We’ve included our Enrollment Order Form, Revenue Share Options, IBO Info Sheet, Launch Pak, and Plan of Action documents, as well as other important documents to aid in your success. You’ll also find Product Info Sheets for all our current products to help you in sharing Genesis PURE.

Stay updated with the calendar in the Resource Center so you don’t miss the latest events and trainings by Genesis PURE leaders. Generate your own course of action by showing the plan, sharing the product, and connecting to a leader!

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Have Questions? Contact John Roth at 407-256-8856 or John@Mila2Health.com

Jared and Heather Burnett’s Success Story


Genesis PURE offers a revolutionary compensation plan which features both unilevel and binary components—a true stand-out in the network marketing industry—as well as 9 lucrative bonuses opportunities to help you build a sustainable business that will deliver both immediate and residual income. Our Compensation Plan Narrative serves as a detailed guide to understanding the Compensation Plan and applying it to your business.

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Act Now!


Let’s talk about timing in Genesis PURE and your timing. Genesis PURE is in the concentration stage. That means that all the branding, website development, logistics, etc. has been worked out for you. The systems are now in place for you to literally plug in. The importance of the timing right now is that we are not yet close to momentum.

Historically in the direct marketing profession, those that came in pre-momentum …and built an organization…can realize a 7 to 12 x increase in checks. Does that mean that it’s a get rich quick or a lottery ticket? No, but it does mean that those who engage now and build a foundation, can experience a huge upside.

Have Questions? Contact John Roth at 407-256-8856 or John@Mila2Health.com

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