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The value behind a Genesis PURE™ membership

Genesis PURE members are interested in the product discounts, not necessarily to start a Genesis PURE™ business. When you sign up as a Member, you can enjoy no minimum monthly orders. Simply order what you, your friends, or your family need when it’s needed.

Benefits of being a Member:

  • Product Discount: 25% off of Retail Prices for all purchases
  • Discounted Enrollment Fee: $25; $20 with Autoship (through the Mobile App)
  • Discounted Annual Renewal Fee: $10

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Becoming A Genesis Pure Distributor

Independent Business Owner (IBO)


The Cost

The annual membership fee to become a Genesis Pure Distributor and Independent Business Owner (IBO)is $50 without autoship or $40 with autoship of every 28 days. As a distributor, you’ll receive a 25% discount for all Genesis Pure products and are under no obligation to purchase products.

Want to get your Genesis Pure products for free? As an IBO distributor, you will receive a free personal replicated web site from which you can sell product to your friends and family and use the commissions to purchase your own products.

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Genesis PURE offers a revolutionary compensation plan which features both unilevel and binary components—a true stand-out in the network marketing industry—as well as 6 lucrative bonuses opportunities to help you build a sustainable business that will deliver both immediate and residual income.

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Act Now

Let’s talk about timing in Genesis PURE and your timing. Genesis PURE is in the concentration stage. That means that all the branding, website development, logistics, etc. has been worked out for you. The systems are now in place for you to literally plug in. The importance of the timing right now is that we are not yet close to momentum.

Historically in the direct marketing profession, those that came in pre-momentum and built an organization can realize a 7 to 12 x increase in checks. Does that mean that it’s a get rich quick or a lottery ticket? No, but it does mean that those who engage now and build a foundation, can experience a huge upside.

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